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Customer Oriented

A business cannot operate without satisfied customers and I have the knowledge to make them satisfied.
My organisational development services are aimed at having a grip at the customer relations and development of your business.

Customer oriented business assessment, organisational development consultancy and implementation tailored to the needs of your business

I can assist you:

If your business is growing too fast 

Using customer reviews, I can help fine tuning a management strategy, strategic organisational structure and implementing decisions accordingly

If you have increasing employee turnover there is decreasing employee satisfaction

I can provide support in employee development and motivation

If you are no more actively involved with clients and are not aware of their opinion

Together we can build a high-quality and effective customer management system for your business.

Applied methodology:

Full Scale Organisational Development

Individual, fresh methodology applied, based on customer and employee opinion and ideas to implement full scale, holistic organisational development.
If you are open to this, your customers’ and employees’ feedback will provide your company’s most constructive criticism and most effective development plan.

The process consists of three phases:
1. Assessment of opinion via in-depth interviews and personal observation
2. Development of suggestions and recommendations for the management team
3. Implementation of accepted changes, management counselling, training

Organisational Development Services

As part of a comprehensive process, observation and in-depth interviews are used to assess how managers, employees and customers view the services of the business. The result is a full-scale customer oriented report, which provides organisational development points for consideration, outlines areas for further assessment. Eventually practical impelmentation can be assisted as well, so that results are achieved as soon as possible.

Leadership Coaching, Boosting Leadership Effectiveness

If you would like knowledge that is suitable for your position and up to date, with me it is obtainable. Management styles, methodology, communication, motivation and providing feedback are all on the list, where I can give practical advice. I have considerable experience in mentoring young managers. I can support you in suggesting methods aligned with your personality for achieving your business aims.

Quality Management System Design

Not sure which quality management system fits your company? We can personalise the quality management methods:  checkpoints, expectations, frequency, and data analysis all become defined. A suitable system can provide better insight to individual employee performance, and the effectiveness of the different areas and processes of your services.

Customer Oriented Website Assessment

Has your website been organized according to routine, or does it really reflect customer needs? Usability will be assessed for a customer friendly, logical website, that performs better. 

Individual Quality Training for Associates

This training is aimed at helping colleagues to carry out their daily work with a customer oriented mindset. During the course they are provided insight as to how they personally affect the common aims of the business and how much its success depends on them. This brings the fulfilment of everyday work, they will precisely understand what their role is in the company’s vision. For a manager this results in more efficiency, higher return on investment.

Knowledge Base Management for Teams

Well defined expectations and development opportunities are important for any employee- especially so for the Y and Z generations. With the help of a knowledge management system, and a skills matrix, your colleagues’ knowledge becomes accessible, and they gain increasingly versatile expertise. With the help of the skills matrix, this is constructed in a way that eventually the knowledge base can be maintained by the business itself. Via this method and by implementing a knowledge culture, there is also a possibility for the motivation of  the success oriented younger generation.

HR Services: Selection, Recommendation, Interviewing

Lengthy selection process, indecisive decision making, those times are over. I can assist HR in approaching its tasks from a customer point of view. With 40 years of management and selection experience at multinational companies, I can assist HR in making their processes faster and more effective.

Customer Management Training

This group training session takes participants through customer types, communication techniques, active listening and conflict management methodology. At the end of the training each employee leaves with an action plan, which states their strengths and development areas. With this employees have a conscious view of their own performance and they become more effective.

Complaint Handling and Establishing Other Customer Service Processes

Forget customer cases dragging on: effectiveness or quality? This question will be answered as well. Customer service processes will be elaborated, best practices will be established and there will be no more complaints of the quality of the services. With an interactive employee WS, best practices will be identified and incorporated in daily work. With 40 years worth of management knowledge put into practice, you will have a chance to use LEAN and ISO 9001 methods in practice, their useful tools, which provide a whole framework to your management activities as well.

Cold Call Training

Following the assessment of present practices, a group training session is used to share existing good solutions, methods of professional empathy and rejection handling practises with customer service representatives. I help with measuring results as well, so cold calls become an easily implemented, well set up task to do.

LEAN Methodology Implementation

LEAN can work wonders at a company and its customer service department. It is suitable for improving internal and external communication, in order to establish suitable, customer focused and effective processes. When implementing this method, special attention is paid to involving clients and employees, listening to their opinion, suggestions. Precise assessment of the results is part of the process, this is how it really becomes effective for the business.

Futó Ilona

Ilona Futó,

ex Corporate Customer Service Head at Kereskedelmi and Hitelbank,
customer service expert.

My experience includes 40 years of management, 20 years of customer service management and 10 years of ISO 9001 quality system operation and management.

I am convinced that without positive customer experience, high employee satisfaction and clear, well structured processes no company can be managed successfully.

Servicing customers is not only a job or hobby for me, it is my passion.

 I truly believe in the individual qualities of employees, the developing power of striving for systematic and high quality operation and customer opinion. I also believe that positive customer experience and satisfaction improves business results and opens possibilities and dimensions for more successful operation.

I managed the Corporate Customer Service of Kereskedelmi and Hitelbank for 20 years, but prior to that had been market manager at an IT company, manager of an international cooperation group, foreign trade manager, and corporate secretary at a bank.

I only offer my services in areas that I am really familiar with.
I am happy to share my decades worth of professional, management and organisation experience, and my management style which is full of expectations.
I have in depth experience in transferring my knowledge, I am a credible consultant and am successful in mentoring young managers.

I know that the business environment changes rapidly, therefore my customer oriented services can provide a solid point of support.

Using 40 years of multinational experience, professional knowledge, useful tools and flexibility, I can serve your business during development assessment, counselling and implementation.

My support keeps pace with evolving businesses, changing customer needs and continuous improvement.

They have all used my services to establish customer friendly and efficient processes:

“Ilona has introduced the system of customer service relations at K&H (pioneering among commercial banks) and built up a service driven and reputed large team. She has been working hard, with enthusiasm and creativity. Ilona was particularly successful and efficient when leading the Corporate Customer Service, I am convinced that she continues to provide best service in her advisory work as well.”

Maria Kevevarine Maczo

“Working with Ilona was a privilege in many respects. She was always well organized and fully committed to her company and colleagues. She had the right mix of knowledge, values, skills, and behaviours. She would always find the right words to motivate her subordinates, thus not giving up until the work is done. Finding the best solution was a matter of principle for her, both for business and personal reasons. After spending a few years working together with Ilona, I can surely say, that I would work with her any time again!”

Tamara Nagy

“I had the privilege of working with Ilona at K&H Bank. Working with Ilona I find her as a person with great experience. Energetic Customer Service Manager and an energetic team player. Customer focused, reliable, hard working, responsible and innovative co-worker with huge knowledge. Perfectly organized person to work with. I can highly recommend working with her.”

József Lénárt

“I worked with Ilona for almost seven years. She was responsible for customer services and as a professional and leader she made an excellent job. Under her leadership the quality of the work of the CS area significantly improved. Ilona introduced a new performance management, learning and promotion system. Her people engagement was high above the the market benchmark. Ilona is an enthusiastic, well-balanced, reliable and experienced professional leader.”

Jozsef Vegh

“Ilona is one of the most client-oriented professionals I know. Her proven experience and persistent customer-focus, as well as her open personality, positive, solution-seeking attitude and bright temperament clearly makes her a valuable asset to any organization.”

Rita Majorné Lakó

“Ilona’s attitude towards her work is unique. She always faces with every challenges and tries to find the best solution. She manages her team with great responsibility and with love at the same time.”

Noémi Czigler-Kozó

“Ilona is a very well organized, disciplined and very experienced manager in her domain. As one of her outstanding skills I would mention her client centricity.”

Frank Van de Vel

“Ilona is an amazingly energetic customer care leader who have many great values. Always seeking for the best solutions to meet customer expectations, improves processes using LEAN methodology, while maximizing the quality, in a completely ISO compliant way. I have learned many things from her, like how to use skill matrix in practice for example. She shows strong leadership skills in our discussions, wide range of experience, and she is always up to date with the new trends in the field of customer experience.”

Mátyás Kövesdi

“My full respect and dedication follows and underlines this recommendation of Ilona’s accurate, on-time and widely empathetic way of delivering tasks even with the strictest deadlines. Her never-depleting commitment towards her job, colleagues and seniors was always the bright spot of the day when we met.
Thank you, Ilona!”

Balazs Vertes

“Ilona does not only know everything about customer care centres, but she was also looking for certifications ensuring that the service she is providing for her company is well established and cross benchmarked in the field of CCC.”

Dániel Némethy

“Ilona is an extraordinary advisor, she is a doctor for Client relationships. She has a positive, open and reliable personality. As a manager she is really supportive. In improvement of Client relationships she is an ETALON. I definitely offer her to work with…it’s a great joy and honor to learn from her!!!”

Bálint Tibor

“Ilona is great in keeping togather lead a group. She motivates her people in an inspiring way. She is focused and very good at change management and process improvements. She is a great collegue and an appriciated member of the K&H LEAN Community.”

Eszter Fazekas

“I’ve worked with Ilona regarding K&H Bank’s corporate loyalty program. I belive that her enthusiasm and professional attitude were very important factors, which helped the bank to have the most satisfied and loyal corporate clients.”

Albert Dunai

“Ilona Futó is one of the most well-known leaders in the Hungarian customer service industry. Besides the day-to-day activities I could see her presenting various topics during the customer service community forums. She is also very happy to provide trainings and colsuntancy services. I very much appreciate her experience, pragmatism, openness to share and strong people focus. She is a great!”

László Podhorányi

“Ilona is the person whose thoughts are always around the client. She is a well acknowledged professional in client service in our country who has built up, continuously developing a well performing and acknowledged unit of our group: the corporate customer service of K&H Bank.”

Péter Kuruc

“Ilona is the absolute best example of commitment towards customers and the superior service provided to those. Therefore I always proudly name her as my mentor.”

Beáta Hoffer Sótyné

“Ilona was one of my favourite business partner when I’ve worked as ICT service manager. She is very talented, precise in her work, but also very kind and friendly as well.
Her problem solving skills and positive attitude are “awesome” and simply fascinating.
I meet Ilona as a really customer-focused, sympathetic colleague and I am very glad that I had an opportunity to work together.
All the best and good luck in her life or her further carreer.”

Tamas Bene

“I have known Ilona to be a positive and motivating leader. She knows everything about service management. I considered her as my mentor when I was in charge of ICT customer services. I learned a lot from her and with her support I could realise significant improvements in our services. She is committed to quality management and tirelessly takes efforts to provide high standard services to the clients. I appreciate that I can rely on her any time and I would recommend her with no reservations.”

Ágnes Székely

“Ilona is one of the most experienced professional whom I have met in her professional field who was able to find all the time the right balance between keeping satisfied the clients and serve its employer best business interests.”

György Gáldi

“Ilona stands out due to her boundless energy, optimism and true customer focus. She is one of the genuine Service Heroes. Forget about your standard call center approach : Ilona has turned ours into a genuine asset, appreciated by clients with some of the highest satisfaction ratings I have encountered in the business.”

Peter Roeben

“Ilona is a well organized professional, expert in building up and managing customer service, call center and also in providing sales support. She is an experienced manager, strong in strategic thinking but also able to focus on details if necessary.”

Zsuzsa Deák

“Ilona has developed K&H’s Customer Service team tremendously in recent years. She spearheded the introduction of LEAN methodology in our Bank. Her managarial approach and personality helped her in this pioneer work: she empowered her teams to develop their day-to-day work while insired them with setting good examples on her own.
This helped later to set her as an example to other areas of the organization in LEAN implementation.”

Balázs Koltai

“I had the pleasure to work together with Ilona for several years. In my view Ilona is one of the most energetic and enthusiastic people sincerely committed to her work. Her client focus is exemplary, and she always has a positive problem-solving, helpful attitude.”

Katalin Bóna

“Ilona is a very client and solution focused expericenced professional. She is very pro-active and works well together with colleagues to find the best ways of improving client satisfaction within the banking industry as well as cross-industries.”

Ilona Aponyi

“Ilona is a client oriented manager. She has the capability to transform the client requirements into internal goals, manage the internal processes, and motivate her colleagues to achieve the goals.”

Gábor Tunkli

“Ilona has always been known by me for her dedication and enthusiasm to please the customer and develop people. She has an enourmous high energy level and drive, she keeps looking for new challenges and innovative solutions.
She has been a mentor of young talents, another commitment she entered and performed full-heartedly.”

Julia Olah

You do not need loads of work, to lose the management focus and start getting the first negative customer reviews.

Let’s make an appointment to see how I can help your business.


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